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Oroscopi diversi e interessanti per ogni segno zodiacale.

Ariete (03/21 - 04/20)

This person is adventurous and energetic. Their pioneering attitude leads them into places others would fear to tread. With enthusiasm and confidence, they push themselves onward. Others love to be around them because of their quick wit and dynamic personalities.

They love challenges but can cause problems by rushing in to the situation. Arian's have a tendency to learn the hard way when they learn. Patience is not an Arian strong suit.

If an Aries personality does not achieve what they think they should in career or anything they pursue, they can become physically or psychologically ill. At the very least, they are no longer fun to live with.

On the other side of the spectrum, they can be selfish and quick tempered. Most Arian's show a selfish tendency at some point in their lives. If they are made aware of this fact and how it looks as children, then they can become aware of this propensity and correct it. Impulsive and impatient, they wait for no one. This person can be foolhardy added with a daredevil influence, which quickly leads them into trouble.

Passion at work and play extends over into their sexual lives. An Arian's partner must be lively and able to react quickly to any given situation. Aries personalities love sex and will need it way past what others consider their prime.

Arians have quick wit and an interest that wanes just as quickly. They need constant change to keep them attention. Although they loose interest quickly, they cannot stand for another to out do them. Like the racehorse that will not let another pass it, they will adjust to the situation quickly and learn to become the best at what they are doing. They don't like rules and like restrictions even less. Always looking for something bigger and better to invest their attention in gives the Arian his thrills.

An Arian parent is delightfully simple, almost child like themselves in nature. Their enthusiasm can never be suppressed. They have no difficulty tuning into their children emotionally. Their only problem is that they may sometimes push a child not ready to be prodded into doing things they may not wish to do. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment with an Aries parent. They just have to remember to let it be what the child wants and not necessarily what the parent may want for the child.

In careers, an Aries needs something not considered everyday by others. And they like it noisy. Arian's are ambitious but half the fun of being on top is the getting there for them. Dentistry, engineering, electronics and even the armed services are all good jobs for the busy Aries.

Arians need plenty of exercise to stay in tiptop condition. It is as vital as breathing for them.

The head of an Arian is vulnerable especially when they are young with bumps and bruises. Their natural tendency to rush around may bring cuts, bruises and sometimes even burns.

They love spicy food but it is not necessarily good for them. With hearty appetites, they thrive on traditional meals rather than elaborate dishes.

 PERSONALS  Oroscopo della compatibilità: Oroscopo di compatibilità per gli amanti è un meraviglioso modo per imparare la vostra interessi generali e inclinazioni. Solo una buona comprensione della vostra seconda metà vi aiuterà in modo semplice e, naturalmente, per evitare le difficoltà di comunicazione e di raggiungere idillio nelle relazioni.

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