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Différentes intéressants horoscopes pour chaque signe du zodiaque.

Jumeaux (05/21 - 06/21)

This is the chat sign. They love to talk and will even do so with strangers standing in line at the grocery store. Communication is a need for this adaptable individual. They are witty and intellectual. Some might even consider them eloquent. Able to keep up with younger people, they are seen as youthful and lively.

Gemini's tend to know a little about everything. Their quick ability to assimilate knowledge makes them easily bored and ready to move onto another project. This sign needs spice to their life. They are very logical, rational people.

Needing lively, intellectual rapport with love partners, they look for more educated people. These partners can be educated formally or by experience. Gemini's lover should express definite opinions. Otherwise, they can be run over by the Gemini who loves to argue and express their own opinions. Geminians have problems trusting their emotions entirely. Their logical, rational minds come into play any time they are overwhelmed by emotion.

Versatility in communicative skills should be the place a Geminian looks for work. The media, sales, department stores, advertising and commercial travelers are all good careers for the witty Geminian. If you put the Gemini personality into a job that does not challenge him in a different way each day, you have a very unhappy person indeed.

Unafraid to take advice from others who have done their jobs before, they actively seek counsel. Geminians are not overly ambitious but seem to be where money is to be made. Their imagination acts as a catalyst for whatever they want. In short, they enjoy success before it is really achieved.

A Gemini, even in retirement, is anything but retired. They want to keep busy and generally do with something to keep their interest.

This sign has loads of nervous energy and need something on which to burn it off. They are not the strongest of signs in the Zodiac but they are forever young. Gemini rules the lungs and as such should watch anything having to do with breathing such as a chest cold or bronchitis. People born under this sign should never smoke.

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