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Différentes intéressants horoscopes pour chaque signe du zodiaque.

Lev (07/23 - 08/23)

Leo's need to fill their days with whatever activity fulfills them. When they have wasted moments, they can suffer greatly from it. Needing control in their lives, they are masters at organization. One of their worst faults is assuming they know best on all matters. Creative energy is there from birth and must be used. Otherwise a Leo personality may become insecure with themselves.

Eager to help others, they have to beware the tendency to take over the life of the one they are assisting if both parties are not careful. They can be extremely dogmatic and because of this need to cultivate in their lives flexible minds and respect for other's ideas. Leo's try to live life to the fullest but live it hard.

Generous and warm hearted to those they care for, they make good friends as long as boundaries are established. Domination of partners is possible and must not be underestimated even though it may be well meant. Thinking they have their partners good at heart, they may persist in pushing their lover into their way of thinking. Leo's should not always be allowed that much a position of power.

Criticism is not easy for a Leo to take. It hits the root of their soul hurting them to the core. Others should be careful how they try to educate Leo's to new and better things. Keeping off the Leo toes is advisable.

In careers, Leo's need to be emotionally involved in order to be fulfilled. Their creative energy, organizational skills and a natural sense of drama should be used in finding a career. Theater or anything associated with luxury and fame are good jobs for this enthusiastic person. Anything that puts them on stage is a good career choice. They make excellent employers because of their inherent leadership qualities. Because they hate second rate or low standard quality, they usually take care of their employers quite well. They try to give their best and feel all others associated with them should do the same. Not over fond of change, they tend to examine anything before they try it.

On the health front, if a Leo has stress in their life, then they can expect their usual vitality to be less than they like. They need exercise to keep their back strong. Eating the right heart healthy foods is suggested.

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