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Διαφορετικά ενδιαφέροντα ωροσκόπια για κάθε ζωωδιο.

Τοξοτης (11/23 - 12/21)

This freedom-loving individual is jovial and good-humored. Sometimes they can even be practical jokers. They need to consider that the fun they get out of the practical joke though is sometimes not as funny as thought when it affects the one whom the joke is being played.

Sagittarians are honest and hardworking but they need a good challenge to keep them interested. Intelligence is something they value in others because they are generally loaded with it themselves. Playing checkers and then thinking of the beginnings of mankind is something that suits their philosophical tastes. And Sagg people sometimes like change for change sake. They love open spaces and need this in their office or need to work outdoors. Sagg people cannot stand to be closed in. These people are not detail-oriented but they need challenge to keep them from becoming bored.

Career paths for them might be found in publishing, the law, teaching or religion.

Ever the optimist, Sagg people see hope in everything they do. This trait can also make them a little careless because they believe the best will always befall them.

In relationships, they need to be with someone who doesn't confine them. Their independent spirits can't accept any restrictions. They are great sexual partners and look for people with intelligence in which to have a relationship. A partner who isn't superficial and has marked intelligence turns them on. They don't need a lot of money and would rather read or travel.

 ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΑ  Ωροσκοπιο Συμβατοτητας: Το ωροσκόπιο συμβατότητας για τους εραστές είναι ένας θαυμάσιος τρόπος για να μαθετε τα γενικα ενδιαφέροντα και τις κλίσεις σας. Μόνο η καλή κατανόηση του ετερον ημιση σας θα σας βοηθήσει εύκολα και φυσικά να αποφύγετε τις δυσκολίες στην επικοινωνία και να επιτύχετε ειδυλλιακες σχέσεις.

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